“The Deep and Timeless Sea” A lifelong obsession with the ocean and all things to do with it. 



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While writing The King’s Secret Daughter I debated heavily on the role of the ocean and Jack Smith. At first, I thought to do the two as two separate stories but then Part Two was born. I wanted my readers to understand that the American Revolution was fought on both land and sea and that the battles on the water were just as important and strategically rough as those on land. The role that Jack Smith and the Century plays is one similar to John Paul Jones. A famous revolutionary war captain.


To understand why I chose the sea as part two I suppose we have to go back to the beginning and where my obsession for the ocean first stemmed from: I was raised the daughter of a man who was in the Navy and so the sea was already within my blood. All my life I was positioned close to the water and within proximity of nautical history. Both the Navy base and the mystic seaport provided me with valuable information which would stick with me for a lifetime. My young brain absorbed the information about vessels in and on the ocean, eventually graduating to an obsession with sharks and other creatures of the deep.


My shark obsession was short but sweet. I got made fun of a lot as I poured over books of different type of sharks. My favorite was learning about shark attacks and then finding sharks in sunken ships. It was at this point my interest took a turn elsewhere…


When Titanic came out I wanted to see it badly. When I did, my obsession for ocean liners grew to an all-time high. I became obsessed with the study of these magnificent floating palaces, devoting every Robert Ballard book in my school’s library. I was fascinated by how they were made down to many of their intimate endings on the ocean floor and how their mass capacity caused great loss of life.


From ocean liners came the world of tall ships. Around this time I recall the local seaport doing a special on the Amistad. While visiting, I re-entered the world of whaling upon the Charles W Morgan and from there came curiosity on tall ships. I began to dig into whaling ships to war ships and finally… pirate ships.


I cannot give all credit to Pirates of the Caribbean but my mind  waundered to new and mysterious ways while watching and researching the film. I fell in love with life at sea and, possibly Jack Sparrow, but that the girl in me always loving those bad boys. This led right into my adult career when I began working for Real Pirates.


I suppose my enthusiasm and love for the subject is that got me the manager position, but this job was honestly my favorite and it brought me from Connecticut to Texas. I so loved being around the cannons and artifacts. It was a dream come true and to this day I wished it had been permanent.


After the pirate exhibition ended I did a number of other jobs including the librarian. It was then that the idea for The King’s Secret Daughter came to light. I began the novel back in 2008 but dropped it entirely, leaving notes and scrambled papers. I began some more notes in 2014 but dropped the project again when my daughter was born. She’s Only Seventeen took the main road and was published in 2016.


In January of 2017, I sat down and reviewed the notes to The King’s Secret Daughter. It was then a lightbulb went off in my head and I began writing only to stop six weeks later after 340 pages and 70,000 words were born. A cover was created and my novel was finished.


The characters on board The Century are based on a number of historical and fictional sea characters. I studied relentlessly the parts of a war ship from the 1780s down to names and features. I researched roles and finally found my footing on who and what part two would consist of. The contrast which part two brings to the novel is striking. We have land and sea.  Anna comments on the beauty of the sea but misses land. Jack lives and breathes the sea which is strongly evident in his excitement during battle and needs to get off the island as soon as possible.


Anna’s life upon the ship is marked by tragedy. The loss of life within battles and storms was common. The scene where Jack does a burial service for the fallen is taken straight from real life. The prayer he serves was a common one. I changed a few words to make it more understandable for readers. The way the dead were buried is taken straight from an eye wilt was account. The last stitch through the nose was actually a common procedure and can be found in both our history books and movies.


I’ve begun a sequel to this novel but sadly no more sea scenes. That’s not to say we won’t see anyone from the Century again but that’s for me to know only. When I am done with this, the prequel to she’s only seventeen will be released and then possibly I will work on my time travel romance.


I have debated a pirate story since my love of the ocean has reached their but so much has been done on the subject already. I have ways of placing my own marking and twists in the story but it’s so overdone.


If anyone of my readers actually read this I’d love some input. A pirate story, yea or nay? Would y’all like more ocean themed books?


I guess we will see what the future holds but one matter will forever remain unchanging. My love for the sea and all things to do with it.



Sex Through The Centuries. 


Teens giggle while children look around in confusion as adults blush. How did such a natural act become so taboo? As a child, everything I learned about sex was from the school bus, my friends, or experimentation. My family never spoke of it. This proves true for many people, but why have we become so conservative towards the act of reproduction?


To investigate this, we must go back to the beginning. Starting with the earliest humans, sex was purely animalistic. Our instincts simply kicked in and we mated. Simply. No shame.

As we came into the time of Egypt and Rome we still see sex as something which fills everyday life without shame. Pompeii was full of it. Murals and other scenes of pornography filled the city. In Egypt equally, scenes filled tombs and temples alike. The Egyptians were certainly not shy about sex and in fact, pharohs kept harems of women,  including their mothers, sisters, and daughters within them. (Disclaimer, totally not supporting incest, just using as an example ) Cleopatra was notoriously open with her sexuality first with Caesar then Antony. She married two of her brothers but it is unknown whether she had relations with them. Back to Rome… the emperors were notorious for their sexual escapades. They were open with them and men and women alike held lovers of all stations.


This also brings me to the subject of homosexuality and how it is also considered taboo in today’s society. We have lightened up a bit on it but it is not fully accepted as it was during the days of the Romans or Egyptians. Personally, I think it should be!


Moving forward, we get to England and it’s reign as master of the world. England shunned sex and kept it hush hush. Although it was common for men to have mistresses, women lost their power and if accused of adultery could be out to death. We see Henry VIII who put Anne Boleyn to death for rumors and Catherine Howard for the same crime with solid evidence.

Long before Henry, came Edward II who had big shoes to fill. He stands between his father and son, two great king’s of England, yet Edward was a weakling. He was easily overpowered by his scorned queen, Isabella. Edward was a homosexual and although fathered four children with his wife, eventually took another male lover, causing her to begin an affair with Roger Mortimer and cause and uprising. Eventually, Edward was killed and Mortimer was defeated and killed. Isabella was imprisoned by her son, Edward III for the remainder of her life.

Onto Mughal India where sex was… complicated….


Kama Sutra… the book of love. A common book for those who studied the art or even married couples. Much was expected from a woman in the royal bedchamber and if you could catch the emperor then you would rise. Emperor Jahangir fell in love with Nur Jahan and made her the most powerful woman in India. Jahangir’s son would have to deal with her well into his reign but like his father also fell deeply for a woman. Shan Jahan fell in love with Mumtaz Mahal who was of relation to Nur Jahan. He was unable to marry her at first and took another wife but soon had his way. He quickly shunned his other wives after giving them a child each and focused all his attention on Mumtaz. Detailed court documents of their sexual passion are available and well exposed. It resulted in her giving birth to 14 children and unfortunately for Mumtaz, she died birthing their fourteenth. The Taj Mahal symbolizes their love where they have both been interred for eternity.

Don’t even get me started on China…


As one of the largest empires, Chinese rulers would have concubines… a ton of them. Girls were selected from noble families because hey, only the best for the Emporer. These girls would sit in the halls of women and wait to be chosen. many would grow old and never get a night with their king. Once the emperor died, the women would have their heads shaved and be set to a nunnery equivalent. Some concubines like Ci-Xi and Wu Zhao rose up to become empress because they birthed the next emperor.


England after the restoration exploded with sex. Charles II had many acknowledged mistresses and bastards. Although he had no legitimate children, he did not shun his wife Catherine. The king was described as lusty and highly sexual. Also during this time, many views of the woman changed. Women took lovers and were allowed on the stage, baring their legs as actresses. Nell Gwynn never married, yet she had lovers including Charles. Many families threw their daughters to the king with hopes of advancement and many would be educated on just how to please the king within the bedchamber.


Moving forward to George III. It was said he had a mistress, Hannah Lightfoot and then fell in love with Sarah Lennox but once George Married Charlotte, we see a more conservative king. After his marriage, he proves to be a very devoted husband and father. His son, on the other hand, George IV disposed his wife and took many mistresses, even dubbing one his true wife. During this period, women were expected to be virgins and not take lovers.


Victorian England explored the reign of courtesans and free love such as in France. Victoria’s son Edward was a great lover of women and did not shy around it.


After Edward, we get more into the 20th century where marriage stayed between a man and woman and sex began to be hushed.


When the 60s and 70s came the idea of free love came back and for a brief period, some people brought sex back into the spotlight. In the 80s we get pornography wisely distributed. Music videos with scantly clothed women. As we approach our century we see porn taking over everywhere. It’s highly distributed and has taken the place of many stable relationships. I was in a relationship with a porn addict once and trust me when I say this is one thing where it can ruin relationships.

Continuing on. Sex will probably never be as open and free as it was once yet we continue to live on. Babies are being constructed within Petrie dishes while parents pick out eye color rather than just do the act itself and get what you’re given. Society and technology have definitely changed the way we view sex and our sexuality.


I have gotten mixed reviews about the sex within The King’s Secret Daughter. Anna sleeps with a man before marriage and develops a relationship. This could be normal for the time period but to know the whole story you’d have to read the book. She is at one point shunned by her second husband and finds comfort with another man and the man is punished.


Within She’s Only Seventeen, we explore human sexuality at its finest. Kat loses her virginity at the tender age of fifteen and after that, she uses sex as a way to express herself and on some occasions, show or mask deep emotions. Kat commits adultery on more than one occasion but since the story takes places from 1980-2001, it is fealty with differently.

In conclusion, sexuality is suppressed in many ways in this society. I have vowed that my daughter will not be uneducated and I trust myself to remain calm when she comes to me with questions. I do not want her to see it as something to be ashamed of. I most certainly am not and I suppose my openness is one of the reasons for my happy marriage.


This is definitely one of those subjects I could go on forever about so I will stop here. As always, I am welcome to discussions.

The King’s Secret Daughter Sequel Preview!



If you have not read The King’s Secret Daughter please do not scroll down.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XYVL6T5


April 1783

Arthur Greene stood on the deck of the Century with his crewmates surrounded by Frenchman. He feared the worse as Captain La’Verge brought Jack Smith with him into the sunlight.

Earlier that day, Arthur had gotten a chance to speak with Jack:


“Where did she go?’ Jack asked as he inquired to Arthur about the whereabouts of his wife, Anna.

Arthur had watched helplessly as La’Verge had given Anna money and sent her on her way in a dingy towards a land mass off of the Colonies.

“The Colonies,” Arthur stated in a low voice as Jack’s eyes glanced up at him from his position on the ground.

Jack gave a small laugh, “She’s running away,” he said.

Arthur nodded, “Well she cannot return to England now,” as he informed jack of the obvious.

Jack sighed, “They mean to kill me, I’ve overheard it all.”

Arthur felt a pit form in his stomach at the thought of his old friend being put to death. “It’s her fault,” Arthur growled, “It’s all her fault.”

“I want you to find her,” Jack stated in a clear voice, “and when you do, I want you to make her pay for what she has done.”

Arthur thought for a moment on the proposition, make her pay? Did Jack want him to kill Anna?

“How?” Arthur asked Jack.

“You’ll think of something, I’m sure,” Jack answered as he went to shake a sandy strand out of his eyes.


Arthur gave a little sigh at the thought of Jack’s last words to him. He began to watch in horror as La’Verge barked at two men to hold Jack still. As the men did so, La’Verge pulled out a knife which he waved in front of Jack’s eyes.

Jack’s face fell with an emotion which Arthur could not describe.

It was over within second as a gurgling sound filled the sir, then silence. No one dared to protest.

La’Verge turned to Arthur and the rest of the crew as he smirked triumphantly towards them, his victory now complete


Due out the end of 2017!

She’s Only Seventeen… prequel and sequel… coming soon…

For those who read She’s Only Seventeen and actually enjoyed it, don’t worry, your prequel and sequel are coming.


Read the book first!: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXTMF8S

Just A Small Town Girl back.png

The prequel, Just a small Town Girl, is almost finished…. it’s just very hard for me to get through it and those who have read She’s Only Seventeen know exactly why. I will get through it and deliver it in full, even if it takes a couple more months and many glasses of wine.


I recall one review on She’s Only Seventeen stating the person did not want to read about that kind of sadness. Well, you better not read the prequel cause if you thought that was bad.. the whole world’s got another thing coming.

The prequel will feature Kat’s mother, Charlotte and her father, Pete Crowne.  They’re a mess, even more so than Kat which is most likely the reason for her acting out. The novel will once again feature raunchy sex scenes and constant drug and alcohol use. There will be affairs and broken hearts. I mean come on, happy endings are for suckers right?


The sequel will be a bit calmer. It feature’s Kat’s daughter, Darla.

Now for those who read the book, we all know that Darla is quite a paler character than her mother. She is meek and quiet. Darla also is hinted at being a lesbian at the end of the novel, but how did she get to that point, many wonder… so soon we will find out!

Unfortunately, there is no name for the sequel yet. I think I’ve got 20,000 words done on it but no title yet. One book at a time… deep breath…

The King’s Secret Daughter Geneology

I have had a lifelong fascination with Geneology and when writing The King’s Secret Daughter, it came to mind that I should create my own to put in the novel. I did so with pride and it is within the last few pages of the paperback edition.


By creating this table, I was able to map out relationships and give readers a good idea of birth and death dates.

I am happy to announce I will be writing three more novels which will feature our heroine, Anna.

That being said, my readers can expect this Geneology table to expand greatly as the years in Anna’s life go on so stay tuned 🙂


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XYVL6T5

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-kings-secret-daughter-km-ellis/1126090565?ean=2940154279243

I’m An Author… self dubbed of course…

I have been fortunate to have published two books… two very different books…



The first…..


It was a contemporary romance/ erotica titled “She’s Only Seventeen” Perhaps a terrible title but I don’t know, it fit at the time. Maybe I will revamp it someday…. In truth, I don’t know what category to put it in. It features a rock and roll metal singer from the eighties. Her name is Kat Crowne and she’s pretty much crazy. Okay, well there are many reasons for her craziness. Her parents were addicts and both killed themselves. Her father was a famous musician and her mother struggled to balance it all.

Anyways, Kat meets up with Thomas and they form Neptune. Together, they go on tour with the rest of the band and join up with other famous bands such as Arctic Circle. (All fictional of course) Kat gains boyfriends and eventually marries but her love life is a disaster… a trainwreck.

The novel features her many “escapades” and how it affects those around her. Some happy, some sad. Definitely not a book for the weakhearted.

One of my favorite excerpts:

“I thought you’d be happy for me,” I tried to explain.

He shrugged.

“But you’re not…” I said slowly

“Not really, Kat, no.”


“Cause,” he let out a breath, “I guess I just thought maybe…”

“That we would end up together?” I answered for him. “You said…”

He stopped me, “It’s okay, Kat though, I get it. And, maybe… just maybe you’ll feel this way when I get married and have kids too.”

My eyes widened, he noticed.

“What? You don’t think I’ll ever get married and have kids? Cause I would like to someday with someone. Obviously not you…”

I turned away from him before he could read my face.

“Look at me, Kat,” he said as he grabbed my wrists as I tried to cover my face, forcing them to my sides, my face close to his and my eyes full of unwanted tears.

“Please stop,” I sobbed.

“Tell me you don’t want me to, it’s what you’re thinking. You don’t want me to be with anyone else but you, the thought of it is visibly upsetting you so…”

My voice squeaked as I tried to respond, “Tom…”

“Am I right?” He asked in a low whisper.

I shut my eyes tight for a moment, and then opened them as I shook my head ‘yes’.

“God damn it, Kat, don’t do this to me, not right now,” he breathed out.

“If I could do it any other way,” I said, tears flowing down my face now, as I prayed no one would come onto the kitchen to view our mess.

“You’d do what?” he murmured, “Hmmm?”


“Tell me,” he said softly, his face inches from mine.

“I’d be with you, you know I would. I love you, I always have,” the words escaping my lips before I could think upon them.

“Jesus Christ, Kat,” his lips met mine with a sudden rush of ecstasy. His arms came around me as he moved in rhythm with me, his body pushing me against the sink.

This scene is my favorite for two reasons:

  1. Kat and Thomas… total ship throughout the novel and here they are… finally making a move…
  2. The sexual tension between these two… purr…

Kindle link if interested: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXTMF8S


The second…


My second novel is a historical fiction/romance called “The King’s Secret Daughter. It is set during the American Revolution and features Anna, the illegitimate daughter of George III of England and  Hannah Lightfoot. She makes her way to the Colonies and there she finds trouble and romance…

Anna is by far the most fun I have ever had with a character. She is married off and pretty much has no one to tell her what to expect. Her husband rules her, yet when she is given an ounce of freedom, she finds romance for herself and learns what it is truly like to be loved for herself.

One of my favorites excerpts from this novel:

She did not understand fully what had come over her, but she wanted him. Perhaps it had always been there, her desire for him. That one kiss which they had shared seemed so long ago, yet it had indeed awakened something within her which only Nathan knew how to extinguish. It was as if he knew her, the innermost thoughts and wanting were no longer her own, but shared with one whose desires were the same. Unspoken words lay between them as her mind raced.

Nate tilted his head so it was inches from hers. His light eyes bore into her. In the darkness, he found her hand and pulled it to his lips.

“Do you want me to go?” He asked.

“No,” she responded softly.

Nathan gave a short chuckle that was quickly extinguished when his lips found hers again. She felt tears prick her eyes as he merged with her once more, the pleasure he had managed to bring her, beyond words.


This scene always gives me goosebumps because it is literally the first time that these characters are together in this sense. Anna finally knows what it is like to be loved by a man who completely and utterly possesses her without feeling as if he owns her by marriage.

Kindle link if interested: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XYVL6T5



All in all, I have considered giving up writing many times. I’ve had some terrible reviews and I even once uploaded the wrong file causing someone to say my spelling and grammar was terrible.

Yes, tears were shed…

Fortunately, it was fixed, yet the review remains.

Yesterday I felt quite crestfallen and to my surprise, I received an email from my favorite professor who is retiring from my college. He told me that my senior thesis still remains one of the best he has ever received.

Honestly, that meant more to me than any positive review on any of my novels because I literally put my soul into that thing.

I have decided to continue writing. My style is not for everyone, but there are people out there who will enjoy it as much as I do.